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Donate to Build the Monastery

The Carmelites are dependent upon your donations to build this holy and beautiful house of prayer and contemplation for the Glory of God.

With your donation you will help create a place where prayers will be perpetually offered for you and the whole world.

To give without measure… is to receive

Our Community is profoundly grateful for any and all donations received. There is no donation that is too small. By your support, we are able to consecrate our days to prayer and penance for the sanctification of the church’s pastors and the salvation of souls.

Whether making a small contribution or a one-time gift, know that our Community is committed to being faithful stewards of all gifts received.

With grateful hearts, we offer perpetual prayers and Masses for our benefactors, living and deceased. Our Lord always repays us a hundred-fold for all that we give in this life to build His Kingdom.

Three Ways to Support the Monastery

1. Online by clicking the button above

You have the option of a one-time gift (this does not require a PayPal account—it can be done using your credit card)
Or you can check the box to make it an automatic monthly gift (this does require a PayPal account, which can easily be created when you make the donation).

2. By check mailed to:

Monastery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel & St. Joseph
1755 Great Bend Turnpike.,
Pleasant Mount, PA 18453

3. In person at the monastery

And you can pray while you’re here!